Your muscles are not turned off!

Common things we hear in the chiropractic/physical therapy field AND fitness field:

  • Your glutes aren’t “firing.” Your glutes are “turned off.”
  • Your transverse abdominis is “turned off.”
  • Your lats are “inhibited” or “turned off.”

These statements are just plain wrong. Unless, you are DEAD or PARALYZED.

And we don’t know anyone who trains or treats dead people.

And most people being told these statements are definitely not paralyzed.

But, just because your muscles aren’t “turned off” doesn’t mean that they’re being used optimally.

Maybe they’re just weak. Or maybe they can’t fully “activate” at their end-range because the opposing muscle group is “too tight.” The list goes on.

The take home message?

Your muscles are not turned off unless you’re dead or paralyzed. So stop telling people this and making them feel so fragile.


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