Holding yoga poses can make you flexible. It can increase your strength and improve your balance. It’s also a great exercise for the mind and for relaxation.

But do these poses transfer over into specific daily tasks or sport-specific tasks/movements?

They don’t.

“You are only prepared for what you prepare for.”

If you’re a crossfitter, olympic lifter, powerlifter, or any other athlete, and you think that holding yoga poses is your best option to increase your flexibility for your sport, think again.

Holding a downward dog pose is great for overhead flexibility and thoracic extension, but does that equate to overhead mobility and strength when you snatch a barbell overhead? Or jerk a dumbbell/barbell overhead? Or strict press overhead? It doesn’t.

Hence the term “specific,” you need to specifically train for these movements.

Start training for mobility (not flexibility) so that you have strength AND control over your ranges of motion. And the ranges of motion you need for your daily activities. Secondly, add in specific accessory work and exercises that will transfer over to your sport.

Have you heard of the SAID Principle?

SAID = specific adaptations to imposed demands.

Your body adapts specifically to whatever you do. For example, holding yoga poses makes you good at holding yoga poses. And doing crossfit makes you good at crossfit.

Prepare and train for what you want your body to be prepared for.


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