Wrist pain…a very, very common complaint in those who strength/weight train. A lot of the times the solution is simple: more mobility.

But remember, mobility isn’t just about creating flexibility. It’s about normalizing joint ranges of motion as well as creating strength and control in all of those ranges of motion.

If you have wrist pain, especially when your wrist is loaded into extension, the first thing to look at is your passive range of motion. Can you passively pull your wrist into at least 90 degrees of extension? If you can, that’s great, but can you also actively pull it into 90 degrees of extension? If you can’t, then you don’t have full strength and control over all of your range of motion. That means you’re likely hanging out on more of your passive-type structures (your bones/joints and ligaments) instead of using your muscles.

So if you don’t have full passive range of motion in wrist extension OR full strength/active control over your wrist extension, this exercise is great for you!

Give it a shot! You should only feel a stretch on the front (forearm flexor) side of your forearm. You should not feel any pinching in your any of your wrist joints.


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