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At Movement Upgraded, We Help Active Adults & Athletes In The Tampa Bay Area Overcome Injuries And Get Back To The Workouts & Activities They Love Without Pain Medications, Injections, Or Surgery.

We Help Active Adults & Weekend Warriors Like…

  • Erin, 40 years old, active adult – has had lower back pain most of her life. Traditional chiropractic care and physical therapy have not provided any long-term relief.
  • David, 54 years old, firefighter – loves golfing, but had to quit playing because it really hurts his shoulders.
  • Michelle, 32 years old, mother & wife – has been dealing with lower back & pelvic pain after giving birth and it’s now affecting her yoga practice.
  • Matthew, 22 years old, college student – powerlifter who injured his knee squatting and is now afraid of returning to his sport.
  • Brittany, 28 years old, runner – loves to run, but has had to cutback her mileage significantly because of her chronic lower back & hip pain.
  • Emily, 36 years old, self-employed – loves lifting weights for exercise, but seems to get hurt every couple of months. Wants to learn how to properly lift weights to mitigate injuring herself again.
  • Mark, 34 years old, engineer – exercises 5-6 days/week, but is tired of relying on his chiropractor and massage therapist routinely for back pain relief.

Here Are Some Stories From People We’ve Helped In The Past…

Nesreen Avatar
Where to even start. I have been working with Dr. Jen for a year now, and I can not recommend her enough. After a few injuries over the years, I started shying away from movement because movement meant pain and injuries. I tried traditional physical therapy, but they always stop at "functional" and that was not enough. After only a year, I am moving more and lifting heavier than I ever have PAIN FREE. Dr. Jen is extremely knowledgeable and will go above and beyond to help you reach your movement goals. If you have reached the point where you think no one can help, give Movement Upgraded a try. You won't be disappointed! I am not exaggerating when I say that finding Dr. Jen changed my life!
Joan L. Avatar
Joan L.
About eight years ago I developed plantar fasciitis. My podiatrist prescribed orthotics, telling me that my “type” of feet would always need them. Although the plantar fasciitis seemed miraculously cured while wearing orthotics, over time my feet atrophied and now I had constant pain in the top and sides of both feet. Again I was forced to limit my activities. My arches were so weak that I could not even walk around my own house, or even on the beach, without shoes and orthotics. I searched far and wide for a physical therapist with a comprehensive, long term, and natural approach to wellness. Luckily I found Dr. Hosler. Her therapy has consisted of progressive foot and ankle strengthening exercises that have allowed me to return to the activities that I love, pain free. There are no “quick fixes”, but thanks to all our hard work, I have not worn orthotics or "supportive" shoes in about nine months. I am constantly barefoot and am even able to play tennis in minimalist shoes.
David D. Avatar
David D.
Ryan has been great to work with not only for myself but athletes that I coach. I can trust that if I or an athlete is dealing with any issues Ryan will work to identify and solve the problem. He takes the time to understand the root of your issue and puts together an individualized plan to help bring you back to health.
Bozo M. Avatar
Bozo M.
I was attending a traditional physical threapy office prior to coming here. I wasn’t seeing any results with “back to work” physical threapy and I didn’t like their generalized approach. With Ryan, I have only been going here for a little over three months and I have been noticing a lot of improvement. I’m able to walk pain free again! My knee has improved greatly in areas that I was worried I’d never be able to do without pain again. Movement Upgraded is the real deal and worth it. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

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