“Ill-defined problems lead to ill-conceived solutions.” -Dr. Michael Chivers

What’s the best exercise for my lower back?

What’s the best stretch for my shoulder?

You will find hundreds of thousands of blog posts out there talking about the best exercises and stretches for this and that. Some by very educated clinicians and coaches. Others by “kids living in their parents’ basements.”

We made a promise to ourselves that we would never make such posts even though they are some of the most popular. Why?

Because there is no such thing as the “best exercise for low back pain” or the “best stretch for shoulder pain.”

This is because your low back or shoulder pain may be completely different than the person’s sitting next to you. If you do not get your problem assessed by a qualified healthcare professional and you try random exercises for your problem, you are at just as great of a chance of injuring yourself more as you are helping yourself.

Figure out the cause of your problem. The area that is painful may not be the actual problem area. It may just be overworking for something else.

You do not know until you get a proper assessment. So stop throwing random exercises at your problems expecting a solution.

Schedule your assessment and get the solutions you need. It is a human right to live and move pain-free.


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