Why the name Movement Upgraded?!

While we are definitely a chiropractic and physical therapy clinic, we didn’t want to be bunched in with all the other local chiro and PT businesses.

We didn’t want to have those terms in our business name.

We didn’t want to be equated with the typical chiro who only adjusts your spine, spends ~3-5 minutes with you, and never gives you a single exercise. Or the typical PT clinic who sees you and 2-3 other patients all at the same time, does silly ultrasound “treatments,” and gives every low back patient the same exercise. And guess what? We still don’t want that.

Movement Upgraded defines perfectly not only what we do, but also our mission.

We focus not only on getting you out of pain through movement, but also upgrading your life through improved movement and increased mobility and strength.

Yes, we use adjustments and joint mobilizations. Yes, we do soft tissue work with our hands and with instruments. Yes, we use Rocktape and cupping. We do almost everything most chiros and PTs do.

We just don’t make those techniques and modalities our main focus.

Because in the end, movement and exercise are the best answers to your musculoskeletal complaints.


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