Pain occurs when our brain perceives damage or threat of damage to our body.

Pain is meant to be a motivator. Pain is supposed to warrant change or action to protect our body.

Yet, so many people ignore pain. Or they play pain off as a “discomfort” or “ache” or something along those lines. In reality though, these sensations are all very similar, in that they are all telling our body to change or take action to prevent/protect it from something worse happening.

So why do we tend to ignore pain and not seek help from healthcare practitioners?

Is it our ego? A lack of education? Fear? A financial reason? It may be a combination of several factors. But we need to think about our long-term health.

It may be hard to think in the long-term, but we have patients and family who wish they would have.

You may only have a little low back pain right now, but who is to say that your lower back pain will not turn into disc degeneration? And then into joint arthritis? And then into spinal stenosis? Obviously, we cannot predict what happens, but it is an all too familiar course of progression that many people wish they could have avoided. And they could have. If they simply listened to their bodies early on and sought help from a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner.

Don’t ignore your pains/aches/discomforts.

Seek help. Get assessed. Get the answers you need. Learn to move your body better. Your future self will thank you.


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