Do you train unilaterally? Also known as single arm and single leg work?

If not, you should think about adding it into your programming. There are several reasons why we should be doing it, but let’s touch on two.

1) As dynamic humans, we are mostly on one leg throughout the day unless we’re standing or sitting and not moving. And we’re usually doing things with one arm like grabbing for something or reaching overhead

2) If we get our legs and arms really strong individually, that will automatically carry over to increased strength when we perform movements bilaterally (on both legs or with both arms).

Ok, ok, we lied. We’re going to add in a bonus.

Reason number 3 to perform unilateral work?

3) It challenges our core stability even more by working in the frontal and transverse planes. These planes are often neglected with strength training. But unilateral work makes us fight against rotational and side-bending movements. If done properly, this will greatly increase your core stability!


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