Don’t swing too far to either side.

Find a balance. Find what works for you, what you enjoy, and what makes your body feel awesome. It’s that simple.

There was a point in time that we thought biceps curls were dumb and old school. A time when we thought that olympic lifting was the answer because they are compound movements. A time when we thought, “just make your shit work nice” was all you need to do.

Well, guess what?

  • Biceps curls are awesome. And, isolating muscles for strength and mass gains is fun! (It won’t kill you to do it.)
  • Olympic lifting is fun because it’s a forever art of perfecting your technique while getting stronger and more powerful.
  • Making your shit work nice is also a forever art. There is always something in your body that you can improve.

Find a balance with everything. Find what style of training you enjoy and your body gets along with.

Don’t just isolate muscles and become a stiff bodybuilder. Don’t just olympic lift and neglect your deficits, wrecking your body in the process. And don’t just make all your joints work nice and neglect all the benefits of strength and conditioning. Mix it all in together to create a training program that is sustainable for life.


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