Thoracic Spine (Upper Back)

Thoracic Spine Extension Mobility

OVERVIEW The upper back is often neglected when it comes to mobility training. Yet, most of us are stuck in thoracic flexion and could work on improving our upper back extension. This movement is one of our favorite movements to perform for working on thoracic...

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Thoracic Spine Rotation Tripod Exercise

overview Thoracic spine rotation is a very important range of motion! All too often we see patients with very stiff upper backs that lack not only extension, but also rotation range of motion. If you’re lacking rotation in your thoracic spine, something will...

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Spinal Mobility

OVERVIEW The cat-cow is an amazing exercise to get our spine moving and keep our spinal joints (and discs) healthy. Today we talk about how we can upgrade the cat-cow to get even more benefit from the already amazing exercise. Did you know that we have 24 vertebrae in...

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Spinal Flexion

OUR SPINES ARE MEANT TO MOVE! They're supposed to be able to move into flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation. And a combination of those motions! Without the ability of our spine to move in these directions we'd be pretty stiff. We're not sure about you,...

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