Thoracic spine rotation is a very important range of motion! All too often we see patients with very stiff upper backs that lack not only extension, but also rotation range of motion. If you’re lacking rotation in your thoracic spine, something will compensate for that lack of range. So fix it before something becomes a problem!

A great movement to work on opening up your upper back and improving your thoracic rotation is the tripod thoracic rotation exercise.

Achieve a half-kneeling position. Place the hand opposite of the leg in front on the ground about shoulder width apart from the front foot. From here, with your free arm, rotate through your upper back, reaching to the sky. Allow your neck to rotate and eyes to follow your hand towards the ceiling. Next, rotate the opposite direction, reaching your arm through your arm and leg. Rep this movement for 10-12 times and repeat on the opposite side.


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