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Hilary Schafer Avatar

I started working with Jen in Jan of 2019 for Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis that was inhibiting my athletic life, but also my every day living. We fixed that issue quickly and I’ve only gotten stronger and progressed exponentially from there. Jen is on top of current research. She pushes when she needs to and is always a great listener. I highly recommend her as both a PT and strength and conditioning coach!!!

Hilary Schafer 7/26/2019
Hilary Gorham Avatar

I started working with Jen in Jan of 2019 for Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis that was inhibiting my athletic life, but also my every day living. We fixed that issue quickly and I’ve only gotten stronger and progressed exponentially from there. Jen is on top of current research. She pushes when she needs to and is always a great listener. I highly recommend her as both a PT and strength and conditioning coach!!!

Hilary Gorham 7/24/2019
Tanya L. Boutot Avatar

Dr. Jen Hosler is the absolute best Physical Therapist I have ever had the misfortune of needing to work with. She listened to how the injury occurred, what I was told by the Orthopedic Dr, what my level activity was and what I needed to get back to. Throughout her course of treatment I regained full range of motion and some of my strength with guidance from her about how to continue regaining strength. Jen was totally transparent in explaining what I could recover and what I may not. Her background in Personal Training was extremely helpful as I am an avid cyclist and have a high level of physical activity that I wanted to be able to continue post treatment. She gave me the necessary tools to get the most out of my recover and didn't coddle me when I slacked off on getting the work done between visits. I would highly recommend Dr. Jen Hosler if you ever need Physical Therapist--she can get you back on track but you have to be willing to do the work.

Tanya L. Boutot 5/26/2019
ishtar geary Avatar

Before I started seeing Dr Ryan I really thought I was going to be living in pain the rest of my life. I did physical therapy, adjustments and messages. NOTHING was helping..I have been doing mobility and training with him for a couple of months now and my pain is a thing of the past. Thank you Dr Ryan

ishtar geary 4/26/2019
joanne wolfram Avatar

I was recently treated by Dr. Jen Hosler for severe leg and back pain. Jen always took the time to understand where my pain was located and then taught me to properly do the stretches and exercises needed to bring relief. She frequently took a total wellness approach to my rehabilitation, ensuring that I had the mental tools necessary to stay motivated and not let my pain defeat me. Jen you are nothing short of a life-saver. Thank you for your patience and dedication. So hard to find someone so genuine in today’s world of healthcare!

joanne wolfram 4/26/2019
Kristen Conner Avatar

I was referred to Dr. Ryan by my sister-in-law who had worked with him previously. She was so thrilled with her progress (she no longer had to see him as he had helped her recover from her issues) I figured it was worth a visit. I had been dealing with randomly triggered lower back pain for almost 2 years, during this time I had visited 2 other chiropractors who couldn't fully figure out what my issue was. After my first assessment with Dr. Ryan he figured out what my issue was (no stability in my lower back), gave me some corrective exercises, and since our first visit in January 2019 I have had some minor back pain but nothing like what I was dealing with before. He also diagnosed and treated what I thought was an Achilles issue but was actually a nerve blockage in my lower leg that mimics Achilles tendinitis. What I especially love about Dr. Ryan is that he wants you to do the minimum effective dose - he won't ask you to do 10 exercises every day that takes 30 minutes. You'll walk out of there with a handful of exercises to do a few days a week. I also love that he is never pushy about follow up appointments, and admitted to me early on that his ultimate goal is to get his clients to a point where they don't need him anymore, which isn't a great business model! 🙂 If you are dealing with an issue that you or other practitioners haven't been able to figure out, please visit Dr. Ryan!

Kristen Conner 4/26/2019
Carla Duffoo Avatar

I came to see Dr. Ryan Hosler when I developed back pain as a result of a weightlifting injury. My expectation going in was to get joint manipulation in order to have a quick fix of my problem. I'm a physician myself and I know there aren't any quick fixes when it comes to health, nonetheless this was what I thought I needed. Dr. Ryan emphasized that in order to fix my problem I needed to learn how to move better and properly, which in the long run would help me prevent future injuries. I appreciated Dr. Ryan's approach and trusted him wholeheartedly. I followed his instructions and worked on my prescribed exercises regularly. Not only did my pain get better, these improved movement patterns and exercises translated into better technique, more strength at the gym and this allowed me to get back into competing at the local and national level. As an older athlete I understand the importance of staying healthy and injury free by moving better, which is a core principle in Dr. Ryan's practice.

Carla Duffoo 4/26/2019
Ricardo Hernandez Avatar

Movement Upgraded was hands down the greatest choice I have ever made in efforts to get my life back! After going through 2 very serious shoulder surgeries and by the help of Dr. Jen Hosler being my physical therapist, I regained not only both my arms' movement and strength back but also the confidence necessary to take on the rest of my life and proceed as if it never happened.Time to start from square one and reach my personal goals in the gym and life in general with the help of someone I know I can always go back to for advice and training if needed. Thank you Jen and I hope the best for your future and this business.

Ricardo Hernandez 4/24/2019
Lucas Salerno Avatar

Ryan did a phenomenal job diagnosing and creating a custom rehabilitation plan for my hip and shoulder. Following his daily warm up routine and treatment plan resulted in relief and greater strength and mobility in those areas in only about 2-3 weeks. I also highly recommend his custom workout plans that I have adopted myself that have been movement based to relieve stress on my joints while still building muscle. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Movement Upgrade and recommend them to anyone who is having discomfort of any type!

Lucas Salerno 4/18/2019
Maxwell White Avatar

I’ve been working with coach Ryan for about 6 months now and I have seen drastic improvements in my overall strength and fitness. Every workout is demanding yet doable. I’m very pleased with my progress and definitely made the right choice!

Maxwell White 4/18/2019
Jake Kurtz Avatar

Unbelievable! The Movement Upgraded Team taught me some things about how my pain and lack of motion that I had no clue about. They had me feeling better in a few sessions, and my range of motion is better now than it has been in a long time. I would strongly recommend checking them out if you sit a lot (for work especially) or if you can't figure out the source of your pain. They opened my eyes to a lot of things.

Jake Kurtz 4/18/2019
Billy Waters Avatar

I injured myself skiing while on an extended business trip to the USA. Dr Ryan treated me for around a month and I honestly dont think I would have recovered without it. Made what was quite a stressful time a little easier and would not hesitate to recommend him.

Billy Waters 3/26/2019
Tammy Londer Avatar

I went to Ryan for help with knee issues. He was quick to identify the problem and provide “doable” exercises to get me on the path to pain free mobility. Ryan is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He’ll get you in good shape in no time! I highly recommend checking out his no nonsense approach to wellness.

Tammy Londer 3/12/2019
Matt Boetcher Avatar

I think it's important to have a chiropractor who understands your goals as an individual, and Dr. Ryan does just that. He works hard to bring you the best care possible so that you can be free from pain, and get back to the things you love as soon as possible. I always appreciate the ability to explain what is going on so that I understand why I'm hurting, and what I need to do to prevent it from happening again. Thanks doc!

Matt Boetcher 3/06/2019
Adam Caruso Avatar

Excellent Doctor, highly recommend.

Adam Caruso 3/05/2019
Kate Werling Avatar

There is no one else I would want to see when in the Tampa area. Dr. Holser is kind, passionate, and individualizes patient care.

Kate Werling 1/17/2019
Matthew Sipe Avatar

Dr. Hosler is very knowledgeable in exercise and movement. He can get you feeling better faster!

Matthew Sipe 1/17/2019
Mindy Taylor Avatar

Dr. Ryan helped me strengthen my back and core through exercise. The techniques used helped to alleviate pain without chiropractic manipulation. He is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Mindy Taylor 10/26/2018
Rebecca Howarth Avatar

Dr. Ryan got me back running pain free. He did a full assessment of my movement/mobility and then guided me thru exercises to strengthen my body and get it back functioning correctly. I learnt so much and have confidence that I can be a better /stronger runner going forward.Would definitely recommend Movement Upgraded to any one experiencing pain, injury, imbalances or just looking to get stronger.

Rebecca Howarth 10/26/2018
Amid Williams Avatar

I came to Dr. Hosler with pain in my shoulder that was limiting my ability to do almost any upper body exercises. I had gone to other chiropractors and even tried prolotherapy shots to help heal the area, but nothing was working over the past year. In less than 2 months of working with Dr. Hosler, my pain is almost completely gone and I can perform most exercises again. This is important to me as I am a personal trainer and I was so limited that it was hard for me to demonstrate some movements to my clients. Best of all, Dr. Hosler gives you a systematic set of instructions for homework that really sped up the process and he's not looking to just get you in his office as much as possible to for his benefit when it's not needed. I am still working with him on strengthening my shoulder and I'm still improving from one visit to the next. He's very knowledgeable and highly recommended!

Amid Williams 9/26/2018

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