What are our patients saying?
I completed my initial assessment with Dr. Hosler today and was very impressed with his attention to detail and how well he was able to pinpoint the root causes of my range of motion issues. I also really appreciated the detailed follow up email that reviewed what we found during the assessment. He also included videos and explanations of corrective exercises I can do on my own until my next appointment. He was very personable, and made the whole experience very comfortable and enjoyable for my wife and I. We’ll definitely be going back! Joel M.

CrossFit Coach

Had an awesome experience with Dr. Ryan Hosler. He really took me through the ranges of motion and movements that hindered me in my performance the most. The practice comes off as genuine and not some voodoo cracking shenanigans. He actually did not even crack me the whole assessment. I highly recommend Dr. Hosler to anyone looking to perform or just move better/healthier in life. Clifton T.


Great experience and you will learn more about your bodies movement capabilities, which you should possess! I went through a movement assessment with Dr. Ryan Hosler and was able to see things my body was doing (or not doing.) We screened how all the joints in my body are functioning. Throughout the screening process, you will learn and become more aware of how one part of your body not functioning well affects other parts of your body. Now I am using daily homework assigned by Ryan to fill the gaps in my movement! Will be back for another assessment to review my progress. Recommend to anyone! Zach M.

Massage Therapist

I had the best experience at Movement Upgraded! Dr. Ryan Hosler was super kind and welcoming from the second I arrived for my movement assessment. He welcomed us at the door and spent time reviewing all of my concerns in my paperwork. His movement examination was thorough and he answered all of my questions with helpful descriptions and easy to understand terminology. He also created a plan for me so I can correct my imbalances and become a better athlete. My experience at Movement Upgraded was amazing, I cannot wait to go back! Stef S.

CrossFit Coach & Athlete

As a fitness professional, I am a huge advocate of manual work and chiropractic care! I went to see Dr. Ryan Hosler on a recommendation and Thank God I did! Great experience and I cannot wait to go back. He’s a family man, informative, kind, caring, and is very gentle! Thank you to the team at Movement Upgraded!

I will tell everyone I know to try Dr. Hosler, you will not be disappointed! Natalie N.

Entrepreneur & Athlete

Dr. Hosler is very knowledgeable and helpful. Provides details follow up emails with videos of exercises for his clients after appointments. I recommend you see him if you are struggling with back and joint issues. Max W.

Sales Accountant Executive - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I recently visited Dr. Hosler for an assessment, and, based on that visit, I highly recommend him. Instead of simply asking me about my medical history and then cracking my back a few times like one might expect from an initial visit with a chiropractor, he guided me through an entire 90 minute full body movement assessment to pinpoint where I have restrictions, poor movements, and issues (and where I move well, too!). As a fitness professional, I have a decent understanding of my personal limitations, but Dr. Hosler was able to point out several areas where I was unaware I need to work on. It goes to show you that we all need coaches and professionals in our lives! Not only did he assess where and what I need to work on, he recommended exercises I can do on my own. He even followed up with an email not only including all the exercises he gave me during my visit, but also explaining the why and how they will benefit me. Overall my visit was a very positive experience. I learned a lot about movement in general and a lot about my own body. Definitely visit them for an assessment and follow ups. Yoonmee H.

CrossFit Coach

Dr. Hosler is very knowledgeable of the musculoskeletal system as well as strength and conditioning. As someone who weight trains on a regular basis myself, it was a tremendous relief to meet a doctor who had as much knowledge and personal experience as Dr. Hosler. It really makes a difference both in my rehab, as well as my confidence in his abilities.

During the evaluation, he was able to key in on what were my greatest movement dysfunctions and sent me a very detailed follow-up email with the corrective exercises that he wants me to do along with videos that provide instructions on how to properly do them. Dr. Hosler has a lot of enthusiasm for his career and I would recommend him to anyone. Miles A.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Dr. Hosler is extremely knowledgeable and helped me identify my movement weaknesses and provided helpful instructions on how to improve these issues! Lauren K.

CrossFit Owner & Athlete

If it was possible to give Movement Upgraded 6 stars, I would. The 90 minute mobility assessment I received was outstanding. I work in the fitness field and the movement principles Dr. Ryan informed me of were game changers. I plan on recommending Movement Upgraded to anyone and everyone. Nick B.

Business Owner & Fitness Coach


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