There is a lot that goes on within the squat movement.

Movement at the hips, knees, and ankles. Stabilization of the spine. Balance. The list goes on.

The point?

Why guess what the problem is? Your best solution is to get a thorough assessment. One that looks at not only the knee, but the entire body.

At Movement Upgraded, we like to start by first looking at how you move your ENTIRE body.

This gives us a great idea about your motor control abilities as well as how ALL your joints work.

Next, we assess ALL ranges of motion in nearly EVERY joint in your body. Yes, both active AND passive. This gives us a great idea about your mobility and flexibility and if there is a difference between the two.

Gathering all of this information helps us understand why your knee is hurting.

Is that all?

Absolutely not! We also check the squat movement itself.

Maybe all of your joints work fine and we just need to critique your squat form. Maybe you just need to practice the squat more. Maybe you need to change up your squat stance. Again, the list goes on.

Are we done yet?

Hell no! Maybe your tissues are just not strong enough yet (or you loaded the tissues too much too quickly). Maybe the pain only happens at certain parts of the squat and all you need to do is strengthen your tissues in that exact part of the squat.

Is that all? No. Did we forget to talk about something very important? Probably. And that is our point.

Social media and blogs are a great place to become informed, but DO NOT get free medical advice from random social media and blog posts.

One post may help some people, and that same post may harm someone else. Take your health seriously, it is kind of important. If you have pain, get assessed.


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