The cat-cow is an amazing exercise to get our spine moving and keep our spinal joints (and discs) healthy. Today we talk about how we can upgrade the cat-cow to get even more benefit from the already amazing exercise.

Did you know that we have 24 vertebrae in our spine? 7 in our neck, 12 in our upper/middle back, and 5 in our lower back. Did you know that each of those vertebrae have individual joints and muscles between them? If you didn’t, now you know. And believe it or not, we should be able to actively move and control those vertebral joints with those muscles.

Instead of repping out the cat-cow quickly and only moving your spine at a few spinal segments, spend some time trying to move each of your vertebrae on their own. Taking time to slowly and controllably move your spine will result in muscles being used that haven’t been used in years. And joints to move that may have never moved. So take the time to enjoy the movement!

A great starting point is moving your spine in 3 segments: your upper, middle, and lower back. After a few repetitions, try slowly moving each of your vertebrae one at a time. With practice, this movement gets easier and your range of motion improves.

Remember, movement is what keeps your joints and discs healthy, so get those spines moving!


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