Shoulder Pain Treatment In South Tampa

Get Rid of Your Shoulder Pain & Stiffness Without Pain Medication, Unnecessary Surgery, or Wasted Trips to the Medical Doctor…

If you have shoulder pain, you know how painful and annoying it can be…

At Movement Upgraded, everyone we see with shoulder pain always wants to know, “Why does this have to happen to me?”

We totally get it. Because shoulder pain can be very confusing. Especially when you are told different things by different people.

Most people who have shoulder pain think that the pain will go away on its own… That they will magically wake up one day pain-free. Until 6 months or even years later, they are in even more pain… 

Does This Sound Like You?

Have you been suffering from shoulder pain for months or years and just keep putting up with it?

If so, you are not alone. This is what we hear and see all of the time at Movement Upgraded…

Another thing we hear and see all of the time at Movement Upgraded is that people go to their medical doctor, just for their doctor to tell them, “Rest and take these pain medications.”

The sad thing? Most of these people end up at their doctor’s office a month later for the same complaint. Just to get another prescription for stronger pain medications this time.

Has This Happened To You?

If yes, do not worry. You are not alone. Shoulder pain can be confusing if you do not know what to do for it. We understand you have likely been told different things by different people.

At Movement Upgraded, shoulder pain is the number two complaint we treat. We understand shoulders. And we understand the causes of shoulder pain, unlike most others who have given you advice thus far.

So why are you experiencing shoulder pain?

Likely your shoulder pain stems from…

1) A lack of movement because the majority of people in today’s society are sedentary, and

2) Poor posture and decreased shoulder mobility.

If you do not know what you are doing to combat these problems, shoulder pain can very confusing. In fact, this is the very reason most people come to accept that “shoulder pain is a part of life.”

Do You Feel This Way?

If you currently have shoulder pain, here are 8 reasons it could be lasting longer than it should…

1) You are resting it instead of keeping it moving in pain-free ranges of motion.

2) You went to a doctor who just gave you pain medications or told you that you need surgery.

3) Your friends told you that everyone gets shoulder pain and it is just “a part of getting old,” so you accept it.

4) You tried generic Instagram or Facebook shoulder exercises because they looked cool, but they did not help or even made the pain worse.

5) You tried massage, but all it did was temporarily mask the pain and did not make you feel any better.

6) You tried PRP injections or prolotherapy, but nothing changed.

7) You tried physical therapy, but they were too busy seeing 3-4 other patients at the same time to really provide you with the care you needed.

8) You have had acupuncture done for several sessions, but it never addressed the actual cause of the problem…

If any of the above sound familiar, we would love to help you out!

At Movement Upgraded, we offer complimentary 15-minute phone call consultations to see if we can help you. There is no obligation to book an appointment afterwards…

Our goal is to help you make the right decision about what to do with your shoulder pain.

What Can You Do to Get Rid of Your Shoulder Pain Quickly?

1) Decide to get help.

Stop procrastinating thinking that the pain will “magically go away.” If it does not go away after a couple weeks, then deciding to get help is your best bet.

2) Do the right exercises for you.

There is no cookie cutter approach to shoulder pain. Your shoulder pain is likely different from your friends’ shoulder pain. Doing the right exercises at the right time is key for eliminating your pain.

3) Keep moving and stay as active as possible.

Resting your shoulder is the worst thing you can.

4) Get real chiropractic & physical therapy treatment.

Therapeutic exercise is proven by research to be the best form of treatment for shoulder pain. If your shoulder pain is affecting your life and causing you to miss workouts, your sport, or even work, then we can help you regain your life. We will get you back to doing the things you love!

If you would like to know how we can help you at Movement Upgraded, we invite you to start with our completely free 20-minute discovery visit at our clinic.

The discovery visit is something we use for those who are very nervous about scheduling an appointment. Maybe you have had chiropractic or physical therapy in the past without much success. Or maybe you are just skeptical. If this sounds like you, then this is a great option to see how we are different and how we can help you.

It is time to get back to living the life you want to live. A life that is pain-free. 

We will get you back to doing the things you love!

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