We hear it often from runners. They don’t have knee pain until they start running. Or the pain doesn’t start until a certain point within their run.

It’s frustrating, we totally get it.

But there’s often simple solutions to the aggravating pain. What are they?

1. Make sure that your feet muscles are working well. Running can result in your body having to absorb 1.5-3x your body weight per foot strike. You foot strike 1,000+ times per mile you run. That’s a lot of force to absorb! Imagine if your feet muscles aren’t doing their job. Something up the kinetic chain will have to make up for it.

2. What’s your ankle and knee range of motion like? Do you have adequate range of motion? Are you able to control these individual joints? How does your patella move around?

3. Do you strength train? If you don’t strength train, yet have to absorb 1.5-3x your bodyweight with each foot strike, imagine how your muscles may get aggravated. Strength training may be what you need!

Is there something else that could be the issue?

Probably. These are just a few things to think about.

As always, get assessed.


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