Nesreen Avatar
Where to even start. I have been working with Dr. Jen for a year now, and I can not recommend her enough. After a few injuries over the years, I started shying away from movement because movement meant pain and injuries. I tried traditional physical therapy, but they always stop at "functional" and that was not enough. After only a year, I am moving more and lifting heavier than I ever have PAIN FREE. Dr. Jen is extremely knowledgeable and will go above and beyond to help you reach your movement goals. If you have reached the point where you think no one can help, give Movement Upgraded a try. You won't be disappointed! I am not exaggerating when I say that finding Dr. Jen changed my life!
Xstina M. Avatar
Xstina M.
Joan L. Avatar
About eight years ago I developed plantar fasciitis. My podiatrist prescribed orthotics, telling me that my “type” of feet would always need them. Although the plantar fasciitis seemed miraculously cured while wearing orthotics, over time my feet atrophied and now I had constant pain in the top and sides of both feet. Again I was forced to limit my activities. My arches were so weak that I could not even walk around my own house, or even on the beach, without shoes and orthotics. I searched far and wide for a physical therapist with a comprehensive, long term, and natural approach to wellness. Luckily I found Dr. Hosler. Her therapy has consisted of progressive foot and ankle strengthening exercises that have allowed me to return to the activities that I love, pain free. There are no “quick fixes”, but thanks to all our hard work, I have not worn orthotics or "supportive" shoes in about nine months. I am constantly barefoot and am even able to play tennis in minimalist shoes.
Joan L.
David D. Avatar
Ryan has been great to work with not only for myself but athletes that I coach. I can trust that if I or an athlete is dealing with any issues Ryan will work to identify and solve the problem. He takes the time to understand the root of your issue and puts together an individualized plan to help bring you back to health.
David D.
Bozo M. Avatar
I was attending a traditional physical threapy office prior to coming here. I wasn’t seeing any results with “back to work” physical threapy and I didn’t like their generalized approach. With Ryan, I have only been going here for a little over three months and I have been noticing a lot of improvement. I’m able to walk pain free again! My knee has improved greatly in areas that I was worried I’d never be able to do without pain again. Movement Upgraded is the real deal and worth it. I couldn’t be more satisfied.
Bozo M.
Diana S. Avatar
Dr. Jen is a live saver. I have suffered from life-long neck pain as a result of car accidents and sports injuries. My neck pain was prohibiting me from doing some of the things I loved, like running and swimming. I started working with Dr. Jen, and she helped me understand my body and my injuries in ways I had never known. I had gone to physical therapy and chiropractors before who did not teach me about my body and were very heavy-handed and prescriptive in their approach. Unfortunately, I think some of these practitioners also may have exacerbated some of my injuries. Working with Dr. Jen was a completely different experience!

Through my work with her, I learned so much about my joints, musculature, and proper mobility. It was hard work, but she took so much time to understand my body and its patterns of movement. She gently coached me to help change my movements in a way that was healing. She did all of this with compassion and thoughtful guidance. She also taught me how my breathing patterns were related to my injury and helped me learn how to use my breath differently!

Dr. Jen is amazing and Tampa is lucky to have her. When you work with her, it is not a quick fix, but it is a way to change your relationship with your body in a truly healing way.
Diana S.
Josh H. Avatar
I had a very positive experience at Movement Upgraded. I met with Dr. Hosler about an issue with my left Achilles that was impacting my ability to run regularly. He diagnosed that it wasn’t “damage” but more likely related to tightness, range of motion and other issues. He put me on a program on of exercises and stretching to specifically address my issues - after about a month I had significant relief and am now back to my normal running schedule.
Josh H.
Jenni C. Avatar
I have done a remote session with Dr. Jen and it has been so incredibly helpful! I've been able to more than double how far I can walk without pain in the last month. I love that she approaches problems with scientific rigor and an attitude to get you back to moving instead of telling you want you can't do.
Jenni C.
Josh B. Avatar
I had the knee replacement instructions in my hands due to chronic pain and meniscus issues. However, due to Covid no elective surgeries were allowed. I decided to see Dr. Ryan Hosler for his opinion. Ryan evaluated me and determined the problem was not my knee but the muscles around it. After a few sessions and 3 months of home exercises I am pain free and fully functional. I have regained the strength and flexibility to play tennis and cycle pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Hosler for his dedication to his work.
Josh B.
Amanda C. Avatar
Dr. Jen is exactly what I have been looking for, for so many years!! A PT that truly listens and develops a comprehensive plan that is very individualized. It is evident every session that she is incredibly knowledgeable and keeps up to date on research in her field. So thankful I found her company!
Amanda C.
David H. Avatar
I highly recomend Dr. Ryan. I had an extremely good experience with my lower back pain recovery. The facility is top notch, Dr. Ryan is a great guy, you won't be disapointed.
David H.
Philip C. Avatar
Philip C.
Evan D. Avatar
In only two sessions at Movement Upgraded, I have progressed further and learned more about my injury and my body than I ever thought possible! Dr. Ryan and Jen Hosler work with you one on one, and provide you with the therapy, knowledge, and confidence to be better than ever! They have a holistic approach to therapy, and you can tell that they honestly care about each and every patient they treat. Thank you Dr. Ryan and Jen Hosler!
Evan D.
Fabiana A. Avatar
I signed up for personal training with Jen because I was desperate to feel strong after a knee surgery left me with little motivation to train. I am happy to say three months into training I am lifting heavy weights and even running again (PAIN FREE)! I cant wait to see how my body becomes stronger in the next months. THANK YOU JEN!
Fabiana A.
J J. Avatar
I am a 69 year old man who had a very active year with lots of walking, weight bearing exercises, and travel. Then, I experienced knee and hip pain along with impaired mobility that got progressively worse for months. I could barely walk or put on my so ks and shoes. A month each of a steroid and an inflammatory med provided only temporary relief. I assumed it was related to my age and scoliosis, and I was afraid this would be a permanent condition that would get progressively worse with time. I went to Dr Hosler depressed and in desperation after searching for someone with his knowledge and skills who could get to the root of the problem and hopefully provide a long term solution. In short, Dr Hosler saved my life! He listened attentively to my history and symptoms, assessed my problem, diagnosed sciatica, and began some assisted stretches to help increase my range of motion and mobility. From the beginning, he gave me confidence and optimism that he could help me get my active, pain-free lifestyle back. He gave me stretching and strength-building exercises to do on my own at least 3-4 times per week. I did them every other day consistently. They were very challenging initially but gradually got easier. Within 2-3 days I noticed a slow and steady reduction in pain and stiffness, and an increase in mobility that has continued. I had hour-long office visits with Dr Hosler every 2, 3 or 4 weeks over the course of about 3 months, each one producing marked gains in symptom relief. First, the stabbing pains in my knees and hips went away. Then, the constant aching in my hips gradually subsided completely. I can bend over and pick up a dropped coin again. I can pull a few weeds without ruining the rest of my day. I am capable of traveling again and can walk comfortably for 3 miles. I gradually resumed my full body, strength training workouts at the gym. I feel great, I’m no longer depressed, and I have my life back! Dr Hosler exceeded my expectations. I should add one thing more: he’s very pleasant and engaging to deal with yet is ”no nonsense” and stays focused on doing everything with correct form. I couldn’t be more satisfied. He’s the real deal.
J J.
Milly B. Avatar
When I had my first appointment with Dr. Ryan, I had been suffering chronic pain and hip inflammation for months, so badly that standing for extended periods of times or even walking were causing really painful flare ups.It was frustrating and impacted my ability to train in the gym and perform day to day tasks without discomfort. My spirits were down and I honestly didn't know if I'd ever get back to my norm. In my initial assessment with Dr. Ryan, he was able to immediately identify the sources of these issues and took me through a series of mobility exercises that would start to improve my hip mobility and help address the cause of my constant pain and inflammation. He was detailed and patient as he walked me through the exercises and even sent an immediate follow up to me with video demonstrations and my prescribed mobility work to incorporate in between my visits. The week after my 1st sessions, my flare ups stopped and by my 4th session with Dr. Ryan, I was literally in happy tears because I was pain free, my confidence during my training in the gym had returned and my performance was better than ever. I am beyond grateful for his guidance and for getting me back to a pain free lifestyle. What I truly appreciated is that he didn't just try to help me manage my pain but rather addressed the root cause and educated me along the way and was super effective in a short period of time. The information I learned from him has been invaluable and has even enhanced the value I bring to my clients as a personal trainer. I highly recommend Dr. Ryan and Movement Upgraded to anyone with mobility issues, pain or just the general desire to move better!
Milly B.

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