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Getting out of pain AND continuing to live a pain-free life both begin with an assessment.

We are the experts people come to when everything else seems to have failed them…

Does any of the below sound familiar?

  • The typical chiropractic adjustment does not work- it only provides temporary pain-relief.
  • Traditional physical therapy exercises are not progressed enough- you are only using a light theraband.
  • Massage feels good temporarily, but the pain always seems to come back.
  • You have been living with pain for months, years, or even decades and have almost come to accept that “pain is a part of life” and “growing old.”

If any of the above statements sound familiar, do not worry. You are not alone. We hear it time and time again…

With the right professional guidance, assessment, prioritization, and programming, we can get you back to living a pain-free life.

remote consulting

World-Class Coaching From Anywhere in the World

remote consulting
Believe it or not, every single person is different. While the majority of the population experiences pain, everyone’s pain is different.

Yes, you and your friends may have back pain. But the causes of your pain, your personal injury history, your medical history, and your lifestyle are all different than your friend’s. To think all pain should be treated the same is total BS.

It all starts with an individualized assessment.

To get to the root of things, a detailed medical history, physical training history, and nutritional history are all reviewed prior to your comprehensive movement assessment. All of these play a large role in why you may currently be experiencing pain.

Our comprehensive, full-body movement assessment then identifies your weak leaks, muscular imbalances, and joint abnormalities. These movement-related problems also play a large role in your current pain experience.

We get active adults & athletes back to the gym and sports they love without pain medication, unnecessary surgery, or wasted trips to the medical doctor…

Our individualized, non-cookie cutter, no BS approach provides long-term results. Long-term results are the outcome you have been searching for. And they are what the traditional medical field has not provided you with…

Invest in yourself and start living a pain-free life today.

If you are interested in working with us, you can purchase our individualized remote consulting services below. We can work together from anywhere in the world.

All consultations include a detailed medical history, physical training history, injury history, nutritional history, a video-based movement assessment, and a detailed follow-up correspondence for programming and lifestyle modifications.

remote consulting

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