Do you struggle with pull-ups?

They are not an easy exercise, but dang they sure are great for your body. (If you are prepared for them.)

There are many components to a pull-up, but there are 2 things that often get overlooked. We consider these “exercise prerequisites.”

1. The first is shoulder flexion.

Do have adequate shoulder flexion (the ability to reach your arms overhead without compensating)? If you don’t have normal range of motion in this movement, you may compensate by overarching your lower back or jutting your neck forwards. These are huge energy leaks and may even lead to pain/injury.

2. The second is forearm pronation.

Do you have adequate forearm pronation (the ability of your elbow to rotate the palm of your hand downwards)? Try this with your arm to your side and elbow bent to 90 degrees. If you don’t have adequate forearm pronation, you may be putting your shoulders and wrists in positions that are not optimal, which again are huge energy leaks. This lack of range of motion may also lead to pain/injury.

Clean up these mobility restrictions, work on some accessory work to get stronger and eliminate energy leaks, and you will be well on your way to a pull-up (or pain-free pull-up) in no time.


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