“The world of fitness is very confused, and what I attempt to do is bring principle based training. So when you understand the principles, the applications are many. And the applications are easy.” -Pavel Tsatsouline

If you understand the principles, the applications are many. And, the applications are easy.

The fitness field is not the only field that is confused. The rehab and physical medicine field is confused as well.

We see and hear a lot of stupid shit in this field.

And it is our goal to educate not only our patients, but also the trainers and clinicians.

To educate our patients enough so they are empowered to take care of themselves because they understand the principles of rehab and strength training we taught them. And we are just here if they need us along the way.

To educate trainers so they do not do stupid shit with their clients and injure them. And to build a team that understands everyone’s roles and bridges the gap from rehab to performance.

Start with principles.


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