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Do Anything You Love Better With Personal Training

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger, increase your mobility, enhance your performance, or simply feel better physically, our team of medical professionals and personal trainers will help you achieve it.

Our licensed physical therapist and chiropractor can safely and effectively help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals through personal training.

You will begin with an individual evaluation of you current movement, mobility, and strength abilities. From this evaluation, a specific personal training program will be created for you to help you safely train around any injuries, pain, or mobility limitations you have and to allow you to safely achieve your goals. All your training sessions are with the physical therapist or chiropractor.

We’re Accustomed To Working With Clients Who Have Pain & Injuries

As healthcare providers, we know how to safely train you to help you achieve your goals while simultaneously improving your movement, mobility, strength, and pain levels. We focus on movement quality, functional strength training, mobility training, and educating you on proper form, exercise technique, and body mechanics.

We also specialize in helping active adults and athletes get back into the gym after physical therapy.

In traditional physical therapy and chiropractic care, unfortunately there’s a lack of integration back into fitness following care. At Movement Upgraded, we are changing that. We integrate fitness into all of our clients’ functional rehab programs and we focus on getting them back into the gym exercising following their rehab with us.

If you did not receive any integration into fitness following your care with a physical therapist or chiropractor, we are here for you…

Whether you suffered from a disc herniation or you’re recovering from a surgery, we can safely get you back into fitness via supervised 1-on-1 or semi-private personal training. Have an injury that you have to live with and are scared of exercising on your own? We can help you!

Within every personal training program we create, you can expect a combination of:

  • Functional strength training
  • Joint mobility training
  • Cardiovascular conditioning work
  • Injury prevention exercises (prehab)
  • Soft-tissue work (trigger point work, foam rolling, movement prep, etc.)

Intelligent Personal Training Starts With An Individual Assessment

Our assessment is a 60-minute evaluation of your overall mobility and flexibility, movement limitations, and sport-specific activities. The assessment also includes a detailed discussion about your injury history, training history, and training goals. From this initial assessment, we then create a customized personal training program for you that will allow you to train safely, build strength and confidence in the gym, improve your physical abilities, and achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

You’ll experience the best coaching and programming available at Movement Upgraded. 

If you’re looking for high-quality personal training, education, and healthcare professionals you can rely on, we’re here to help you. Our understanding of the human body allows us to train a diverse population with optimal results.

Clients that we commonly work with include:

  • Athletes who are injured
  • Anyone with disc herniations, bulging discs, or low back pain
  • Post-surgical patients (spine, shoulder, hip)
  • Anyone with joint aches & pains or arthritis
  • Pregnant & postpartum women
  • Seniors
  • Those who tend to get injured working with traditional personal trainers or working out on their own…

Whether you’re a weekend enthusiast, a high school athlete, an amateur golfer, or someone looking to proactively improve their health and fitness goals safely, we have you covered.

We offer both 1-on-1 AND semi-private personal training options

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training:
    • Just you and the doctor
    • Pay per training session OR purchase packages of 10 or 20 sessions (greater savings)
    • For those who require 1-on-1 attention
    • Recommended for those who have hectic a schedule, travel a lot, or cannot commit to a consistent training time
  • Semi-Private Personal Training Membership:
    • You and 2-3 others supervised by the doctor
    • Pay monthly for membership (1, 2, or 3 sessions per week) – recurring monthly payment, no contract required
    • For those who want done-for-you programming and supervised training, but don’t require 1-on-1 attention
    • Recommended for those who can commit to a consistent training time

Contact us for personal training questions and pricing.

Book Your Free Personal Training Evaluation

If you’re ready to see what it’s like to train with us at Movement Upgraded, schedule your personal training evaluation!

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