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Whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger, increase your mobility, enhance your performance, or simply feel better physically, we believe the key to success is consistency.

We offer both 1-on-1 and semi-private personal training options.

We want to help you stay committed to this journey long-term and we’ll help you develop a training schedule and plan that fits into your life.

Within every personal training session, you can expect a personalized combination of:

  • Functional strength training
  • Joint mobility training
  • Cardiovascular conditioning work
  • Injury prevention exercises (prehab)
  • Soft-tissue work (trigger point work, foam rolling, movement prep, etc.)

As healthcare providers and strength coaches, we know how to safely train you to help you achieve your goals while simultaneously improving your movement, mobility, and strength. We focus on movement quality, functional strength training, mobility training, and educating you on proper form, exercise technique, and body mechanics.

Intelligent Personal Training Starts With An Individual Assessment.

Our new client assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your overall joint mobility and flexibility, movement limitations, and sport-specific activities.

The assessment also includes a detailed discussion about your injury history, training history, and training goals.

From the assessment, we create a customized personal training program for you that allows you to train safely, build strength and confidence in the gym, improve your physical abilities, and achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

You’ll experience the best coaching and programming available at Movement Upgraded. 

If you’re looking for high-quality personal training, education, and professionals you can rely on, we’re here to help you. Our understanding of the human body allows us to train a diverse population with optimal results.

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