People with knee pain often overlook this simple mobility technique. Why? Probably because it’s not sexy. It’s not some cool, overly complicated exercise that they saw on Instagram. But simple goes a long way! No need to over complicate things.

This mobility technique may or may not be for you. How do you know? Start moving your patella (knee cap) around like described in the video. It should move freely in every direction pretty equally. If yours moves well in all directions, maybe it’s not for you.

But if yours doesn’t move freely in one direction, maybe it is for you! All you need to do is mobilize (push) your patella in the direction it’s stuck or doesn’t move too well. Over time, this force you’re putting into your tissues will improve your mobility and help remodel the tissue. After all, our tissues respond to force.

Why is this important for knee health? The patella provides leverage for the quadriceps muscles. It’s a fulcrum! And if the patella can’t get into the position that the knee and the quadriceps muscles need it to, then pain and discomfort may result over time. So make sure that patella is moving nicely!




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