A note on pain.

Many people, including clinicians think that when there is pain there is tissue damage. Or that there is muscular weakness.

This is not necessarily true 100% of the time.

You can be in pain and not have been injured. You can be in pain and have no tissue damage. You can even be in pain and have no muscular weakness.

On the flip side, you can be injured and have severe tissue damage and be in no pain.

Pain is weird. Pain is complex and multidimensional. To think that we completely understand pain is a very bold statement.

What we do know, is that pain is more about sensitivity than tissue damage and muscular weakness.

Think of our pain threshold (the treshold of how much we can tolerate before we experience pain).

We have two options to influence pain:

1) Decrease the stressors that sensitize or contribute to our pain (stress, fear, worry, lack of sleep, tissue damage, etc.) or

2) Build up a tolerance or our threshold for pain perception.

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