Cranky Or Painful Shoulders When Overhead Pressing?

Are you just dealing with the pain and discomfort and pushing through your training sessions? Unfortunately, we see people overhead pressing all of the time with pain and discomfort.

Before we get into the meat of this post, if you have any musculoskeletal pain, get assessed by a medical practitioner like ourselves. Pain isn’t normal!

If you don’t have pain, but have asymmetrical shoulder flexion from side to side, single arm overhead pressing MAY be beneficial for you.

Don’t neglect fixing the asymmetry, but don’t stop training either!

The kettlebell or dumbbell single arm overhead press OR the landmine press are all great ways to train your shoulders if you notice you have this asymmetry. And, you can do it in many different challenging positions! Pictured is a half-kneeling landmine press.

Often times (especially in CrossFit…sorry CrossFitters), only barbell overhead pressing is performed.

The barbell makes both shoulders attempt to work equally as hard, even though we know one has a limitation. This may be why you have cranky shoulders.

Try single arm pressing and see if it improves!


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