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How To Stretch Your Hamstrings

OVERVIEW Do you have tight hamstrings? Does it seem like you have been stretching them forever without much change? If so, then the first thing to do is assess if you actually have tight hamstrings and if they need to be stretched. You can do this by doing an active...

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Do you perform loaded carries of any sort? There are so many variations of carries that you can perform and they all have their each unique benefits. Front rack, farmers, suitcase, bottoms up, overhead carries, you name it. Carries, especially unilateral, are an...

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Deadlifting Bad for Your Back?

Have you been told that deadlifting is bad for your back? If the person who told you this is your personal trainer, doctor, physical therapist, or chiropractor, then it's time to find a new one. Deadlifting is not back for the back! However, it may be "bad" for your...

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Knees Past Toes

Have you ever been told your knees shouldn't go past your toes? Or have you said that to your clients/patients? Do you have any idea why that became one of the "Exercise Commandments" that we all must follow at all times? 1) Question everything you hear that is...

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Hip Pain & Squatting

Do you have pinching or pain in the front of your hip (or hips) when squatting? If so, you're not alone. This is a very common complaint we hear and see. And probably one of the most common dysfunctions clinicians treat with crossfitters. So why does this happen? It...

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Squatting & Knee Pain

There is a lot that goes on within the squat movement. Movement at the hips, knees, and ankles. Stabilization of the spine. Balance. The list goes on. The point? Why guess what the problem is? Your best solution is to get a thorough assessment. One that looks at not...

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Do you struggle with pull-ups? They are not an easy exercise, but dang they sure are great for your body. (If you are prepared for them.) There are many components to a pull-up, but there are 2 things that often get overlooked. We consider these "exercise...

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Deep Squat: Is It Bad For Your Knees?

Is squatting below parallel bad for your knees? This is a debate that we hear often. And one that was unfortunately not winnable in chiropractic & physical therapy school. (Good luck debating this with your instructors.) Is the deep squat bad for the knees? NO....

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Ankle Mobility & Front Squats

Some people will tell you not to front squat if you have poor ankle mobility. We call bullshit! Don't quit squatting. You can wear Olympic weightlifting shoes or place a weight plate underneath your feet to give you artificial ankle dorsiflexion. Both options work! We...

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