“Instead of pointing out everything that is wrong, point out everything that is right.” -Dr. Greg Lehman

Our assessment isn’t only about finding out what’s wrong. It’s also about finding everything that you’re great at.

Finding things that you’re great at, as well as movement options that are pain-free, allows you to keep doing things while you’re in pain or injured. Like strength training!

Maybe something hurts when you barbell back squat. We’ll not only find out what’s “wrong,” but we’ll also find other options to allow you to keep training the squat pattern/movement. Maybe that’s a barbell box squat. Maybe that’s an air squat or goblet squat. Maybe it’s a barbell or dumbbell lunge. The list goes on!

Assessments are about much more than simply trying to provoke pain through orthopedic tests.

A lot of information is gained through finding out what patients are good at. And you best believe that we commend all of our patients when they are great at things!


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