Why Movement Matters

Most Pain Is Caused By Poor Movement

  • Maybe you have heard that, “Pain is a part of growing old.”
  • Maybe you have an old injury or joint problem.
  • Maybe you have low back pain.
  • Maybe you have been told you will need a knee replacement. Or that your spine will need to be fused.
  • Maybe you have been told that you have bad arthritis. Or that your joints will soon be “bone on bone.”

All of these problems are caused in part by poor movement.

Therefore, the solution for pain-relief and performance enhancement is to prioritize better movement quality.


Moving Better Is Key to Living A Pain-Free Life

To help you improve your movement quality, we first need to identify your movement baseline. This is done through our detailed movement assessment.

This movement assessment will provide you with insight on limitations you did not even know you had. It will provide you with a movement baseline that includes data on your mobility, stability, and asymmetries. This allows us to track your progress over time to see your improvement!

Once we have established a movement baseline, we can then determine how to help you improve your movement quality by creating a plan individualized to your needs.

After We Find Your Movement Problems, We Can Help You Fix Them

After performing our comprehensive movement assessment to uncover your movement problems, we can help you fix them.

We will create an individualized movement program tailored to your movement dysfunctions, limitations, and goals. We are firm believers in improving your movement limitations in parallel with your exercise and training goals.

We will never tell you to quit doing what you love.

We will provide you with exercises and movements that you can incorporate into or alongside your current exercise and training regimen. This means going beyond traditional stretching and strengthening exercises.


We Are Not Like Other Healthcare Providers

Unfortunately, most healthcare providers only treat pain.

Worse yet, most of these providers only treat and rehab you back to your pre-injured or pre-painful state.

What does this mean for returning to your previous activity? Often, your pain comes back, you get injured again, or you are unable to fully participate at the same level.

We are not here to scare you, this is just the harsh reality of how the healthcare system works.

But we are different.

We are here to rehab you fully AND improve your overall resiliency to help mitigate the chance of future re-injury.

You may not be currently injured or in pain, and that is great. But maybe you have a few nagging joint or muscle issues. Or maybe you want to remain pain and injury free…

By assessing your movement and improving your limitations and weak links, we can help you stay on track to living a pain-free life.

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