Mobility And Flexibility Are Not The Same

You can find our first post on this topic here.

  • Mobility –> the amount of active, useable range of motion you have.
  • Flexibility –> the amount of passive range of motion you have.

Most yogis, dancers, and those who do a lot of stretching, have adequate (or amazing) flexibility. Unfortunately, they don’t always have great mobility.

The above picture shows the difference between the two concepts perfectly (flexibility on the left, mobility on the right).

Ideally, there shouldn’t be a significant difference between the two.

Why? Because when there is, it’s a liability and your risk for injury increases. If you find your body in a position/range of motion that you don’t have control over, it may not end well.

As our FRC friends brilliantly say, “Having great flexibility without control is like having a car that goes 100mph, but brakes that only work to 60mph. How safe is it to be driving that car at 100 mph?”


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