Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Mobility Subscription?

Movement Upgraded’s mobility subscription is a paid, members-only platform. The subscription provides you with exclusive access to members-only content, including mobility videos & flows posted on a daily basis.

With the subscription, you also receive access to self-guided mobility assessments to find your true mobility limitations. This takes the guess-work out of the equation and allows for quicker progress. Once your true limitations are identified, you can follow our specific programming to fix your limitations, or simply follow our dailly videos.

Who is the Mobility Subscription for?

This subscription is created for anyone who has joints and muscles. Which, you guessed it, is everyone!

Whether you sit in a cubicle or at a desk all day, are a gym-rat, crossfitter, yogi, cyclist, weightlifter, or anything in between, this mobility subscription is for you.

Everyone can work on improving their movement and mobility through this subscription.

Can I use the Mobility Subscription for Treating Pain & Injuries?

Yes. This mobility subscription was created by licensed healthcare professionals, Dr. Ryan Hosler, DC, CSCS, and Dr. Jen Hosler, PT, DPT, CSCS.

The methods and techniques used within the videos are scientifically proven to help reduce pain, improve mobility, and treat injuries.

In fact, all of the exercises used in the videos are the same ones we use to treat our patients in person.

With that being said, if you are in pain, it is always our recommendation to seek out the advice of a qualified medical practitioner before partaking in mobility and exercise routines.

If you do not have a physical therapist or chiropractor in your area who is well-versed in movement and orthopedics, we offer individualized online video consultations and in-person assessments.

Do I Need Any Equipment?

Yes, but the requirements are minimal and optional. To follow our programming and videos specifically, we recommend:

  • 1 mobility/lacrosse ball
  • 1 full-length foam roller
  • 1 PVC pipe/broom stick
  • 1 Yoga mat (or padded flooring)
When Should I Do The Mobility Videos/Programming?

The timing does not matter as much as consistency does.

Find a time in your daily life that you can fit in the videos and/or programming. If that is in the morning, great! If that is at night, great! The point is to stay consistent on a day-to-day basis to yield the results.

Do I Need To Perform This Every Day?

Absolutely not! However, this also depends on your goal.

If you want to become the most mobile person on the planet, you may want to do these videos every day, all day. If you are like most people, doing one video per day will benefit your movement, mobility, performance, and joint health.

At a minimum, we recommend performing 3 videos per week to really notice improvement in your mobility and joint health.

Do I Need To Complete Every Video?

Absolutely not!

If you have a specific joint or body part you want to work on improving, you can search through the video library to find ones that are specific to that joint.

Similarly, feel free to only complete the daily videos that are pertinent to you and your goals.

Can I target specific muscles/joints?

Yes! If you want to follow specific programming for specific joints/muscles, search the video library for them

The daily mobility videos and flows posted will focus on anywhere between 1 and 3 body areas.

If you are limited on time, or if you want to spend extra time on a specific body area, it is your best bet to search the video library and filter the videos for your specific needs.

Should Any of the Movements Be Painful?

No! If any of the movements are painful, then we recommend getting assessed by a qualified medical practitioner.

With that being said, you will likely experience some discomfort with some of the movements, stretches, and exercises. Discomfort and muscle cramping is normal. Tearing, searing, burning, electrical-type sensations, and joint-pinching sensations are not.

If you experience numbness and tingling sensations with a specific movement or position, stop and try shaking it off. If it goes away, get back into the movement or position and perform only until it comes back, again to get out of the position. Never hold a movement/position after you start to feel numbness and tingling.

Can I Do More than One Video Per Day?

Sure! Just be sure to listen to how your body is feeling.

Mobility training is just like strength training. It taxes your nervous system and muscles. This means you need adequate amounts of rest and recovery.

How Is This Different Than Stretching?

Stretching is often done passively for 15-30 seconds at a time.

This mobility subscription focuses more on active forms of stretching that make long-lasting changes in your mobility via the nervous system, muscles, fascia, and joints.

Active stretching allows us to not only increase our ranges of motion, but also build strength in those new ranges of motion. Increased ranges of motion, plus increased strength in our ranges of motion, equals decreased chances of injury.


Our gym/studio subscription is the subscription plan required for gyms and businesses that wish to stream the video to group classes.

Streaming to a group class can be done via TV or projector and through the gym’s surround sound.

This plan does not allow sharing of log-in information to coaches or members for personal use.

Do You Offer 1-on-1 Assessments and Treatment?

Yes! We offer both online AND in-person movement & mobility assessments.

Learn more about our online movement assessments here.

Our chiropractic/physical therapy clinic is located in Tampa, Florida. Interested in scheduling an appointment or learning more? Click here.

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