“Don’t ask social media for medical advice. Ask a medical professional.” -Dewey Nielson

This is a common theme we see day-in and day-out on the interwebs.

Everyone wants free advice.

And a lot of people on Instagram give away this advice as if they are 100% confident it is what the person asking really needs. Most of the time this is without even assessing the person, asking further questions, or taking their medical history!

It is almost like everyone on Instagram these days has gone through medical school, chiropractic school, or physical therapy school.

Yet, most of the people we see giving away free medical advice on Instagram are not medical professionals at all.

So do yourself a favor.

Be cautious when asking for advice on Instagram. And be even more skeptical of the answers you receive.

We get asked questions all of the time online. Our response? We cannot give you any advice without further assessment or questioning. So until then, the answer is always, “it depends.”


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