Are you in pain? Do you have limited mobility or flexibility? Do you have achy, stiff, or sore joints or muscles?

Even if you don’t have any of this, you will still benefit from making your shit work nice.

What does “making your shit work nice” mean?

Simply put, it means making your joints work the way humans’ joints are supposed to work.

You may think your joints work fine. And they may. But how do you really know for sure?

Have you had your joints assessed? Do you have routine movement or joint screenings?

You go to your medical doctor for routine check-ups to make sure your blood pressure and blood chemistry levels are in check because you don’t want heart disease.

You go to your dentist for routine teeth cleanings and check-ups to make sure your teeth are healthy and so you don’t get cavities.

You go to your medical doctor for physical exams to make sure your ears and eyes are functioning properly.

BUT, do you go to your physical therapist or chiropractor to make sure your joints are functioning properly?!

Unfortunately, for some reason we overlook our joints and entire musculoskeletal system when it comes to prevention and routine check-ups. Yet, arthritis is the NUMBER 1 cause of disability in the USA. Something needs to change.

Get your joints and movement assessed. Be proactive.


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