Patella Mobilization for Knee Pain

Overview People with knee pain often overlook this simple mobility technique. Why? Probably because it's not sexy. It's not some cool, overly complicated exercise that they saw on Instagram. But simple goes a long way! No need to over complicate things. This mobility...

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Knee Flexion Lift-Offs

Knee Flexion Mobility: A Brief Overview It’s very common to have adequate amounts of knee flexibility, especially in knee flexion. But it’s also very common to have very little or no control over all of that flexibility. Unfortunately, this is often a reason why...

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Knee Flexion Passive Range Holds

Knee Flexion Mobility: A Brief Overview Many people have adequate knee flexion flexibility, but have limited control and strength over that flexibility. And that’s not optimal! Here’s an amazing exercise to work on controlling that flexibility and strengthening your...

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Running & Knee Pain

We hear it often from runners. They don't have knee pain until they start running. Or the pain doesn't start until a certain point within their run. It's frustrating, we totally get it. But there's often simple solutions to the aggravating pain. What are they? 1. Make...

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