Have you ever been told your knees shouldn’t go past your toes?

Or have you said that to your clients/patients?

Do you have any idea why that became one of the “Exercise Commandments” that we all must follow at all times?

1) Question everything you hear that is presented as an absolute.

ESPECIALLY before adopting this “truth” and spreading it like wildfire. When it comes to human movement, there are a lot less absolutes than most trainers, coaches, clinicians, and professors would like you to believe. A LOT

2) If the knee should never go past your toes, then why is it able to?

Why do we have so much dorsiflexion if we “aren’t allowed” to use it?

3) The human body can handle a lot more than we think.

Stop instilling fear in people by telling them how terrible the knee tracking past the toes is. We should be making our clients/patients feel strong and resilient, not fragile and weak!

4) This was harder than it looks because I was actively pulling myself down into this position rather than falling into it.

I have a ton of range of motion. Including ankle dorsiflexion. By exploring the ranges I have, and actively using my muscles and contracting in those positions, I’m beginning to own some of these positions. Gravity is not the friend of bendy people like myself.

Flexibility without active control is a liability.

Knees traveling past your toes is not necessarily a liability, got it?

PS, no knees were harmed during the making of this video.


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