Knee Flexion Mobility: A Brief Overview

It’s very common to have adequate amounts of knee flexibility, especially in knee flexion. But it’s also very common to have very little or no control over all of that flexibility. Unfortunately, this is often a reason why hamstring and knee injuries happen.

This is an amazing exercise to build strength and control in knee flexion. You’ll really feel your hamstrings working hard (And if you’re lucky, they’ll even cramp up!) to curl your leg.

Knee Flexion Lift Offs For Knee Mobility

The set up: in a half-kneeling position, grab two PVC pipes and place them in front of you (grab them at chest-height). These will allow you to drive tension into the ground and create tension throughout your entire body. Make sure your core is stable and your lower back doesn’t move. Start lifting one of your feet off of the ground, curling it towards your butt. Hold for 2-3 seconds and slowly lower it to the ground. Repeat for 10-15 reps for a few sets.

Enjoy the hamstring soreness along the way!

Oh, and if you have muscle cramps, don’t worry! We like to call that neurological confusion– your brain just doesn’t know how to communicate very well with your hamstrings…yet. So they cramp up. With more practice and increased strength, those cramps will go away! We promise.


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