It’s not about competition, it’s about collaboration.

This is something we feel is very important in the rehab and strength training world. Strength coaches and personal trainers must collaborate with rehab and medical professionals. And vice versa! It works both ways.

It’s all about collaboration. We’re all in this together.

Everyone needs to know their limits and their weaknesses. Don’t try to do be a know-it-all and learn everything. Specialize in what you’re great at and stick with it. There will always be someone better than you at something. Embrace it and don’t be afraid of the competition. Because in the end, you will always be better than someone else at something too.

Know when to use your resources and refer out to them. It’s all about collaboration.

We’re all in this for the best of our clients/athletes/patients. Let’s all remember to collaborate. Our clients/athletes/patients deserve the best.


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