What are you currently doing to improve your flexibility?

  • 5-30 second stretches?
  • Getting your joints manipulated/mobilized by a chiro or PT?
  • Banded mobilizations because you saw a cool Instagram video and thought they were right for you?
  • Passive stretching by a chiro, PT, or other practitioner?
  • Massages or soft tissue work?

If you are doing any of the above, please ask yourself if these techniques are actually improving your flexibility.

We are not here to hate on any of the above techniques, but we want you all to be aware of this: they are all “neurological tricks.”

Yes, there is science behind all of these techniques. Yes, they are great at improving flexibility. Yes, they can make lasting changes in your connective tissues over an extended period of time.

What we want you to be aware of is the dreaded neurological trick and the before & after pictures that go along with it.

If you experience an increase in range of motion after any of these techniques, please realize this increase is temporary. You will have the same range of motion 15 minutes later as you did prior to the technique/treatment. This even applies to the mobility homework we prescribe in our clinic!

The bottom line?

Flexibility/mobility is earned. To make permanent changes and to become flexible, you need to put in the work! We have said it before and we will say it again, you need to treat flexibility/mobility training similar to strength training. Put in the time and work! Be more interested in the after picture 1, 2, or 3 months down the road.


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