Enter our 12-Week Hypertrophy Rebuild training program.

Finally lose that stubborn fat, gain the muscle mass you have always wanted, and become stronger and more confident in the gym.

Give us 12 weeks to transform your life!

Do you want to lose that stubborn body fat you have been trying to get rid of for months or years?

Do you want to gain muscle mass and actually SEE the muscle in your arms, legs, and abdomen?

Do you want to feel strong and finally become confident in a gym setting?

Guess what? You can have all of this!

Over the past 7+ years, we have been training clients and getting these EXACT results. We have done this through this EXACT training style. This program has been tested over and over again on our clients, family and friends, and even ourselves. We would never recommend a program we have not completed ourselves.

For the first time, we are now making this program available to you!

hi, we are Drs. Ryan & Jen Hosler.

We have spent more than 7 years as health, fitness, and lifestyle coaches, training our clients to live stronger, healthier, and more resilient lives. We have first-handedly experienced the lack of knowledge in strength & conditioning AND nutrition in both athletics as well as within traditional gyms. There is a dire need for change.

We have learned what works and what does not work. We have also learned what types of training are more enjoyable than others. And now, for the first time, it is time for us to share this all with you!

Our passion is to provide information and training styles to our clients that are life-changing.

Our goal is simple: to provide you with the tools you need to master your own health.

We do not want you to rely on us for a lifetime. Our goal is to teach you how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle on your own; to learn how to master the basics of strength training so you do not always have to pay for expensive programming and/or coaching.

We want to show you how to achieve the results you have always been looking for. And how to maintain them!

Look, we get it, not everyone loves to exercise. We will be honest, we live busy lives as well. There are days we hate exercising too. But here is the thing: you do not need to spend hours at the gym every day to get the results you want.

You can achieve losing body fat, increasing muscle mass, and increasing your strength through just a few training sessions per week.

Better yet? These results can also be achieved in one-hour sessions! There is no need to spend hours at the gym for a single training session.

12-Week Hypertrophy Rebuild was born to prove just that.

Give us 12 weeks to show you that you can lose that stubborn body fat you have always wanted gone.

Give us 12 weeks to show you how to gain the muscle mass you never thought was imaginable.

Give us 12 weeks to help you become stronger AND more confident in the gym.

You need this program if:

You are tired of not getting the results you want.

You want to maximize your time in the gym.

You do not know what you should be doing in the gym.

You want to start lifting weights.


12-week Hypertrophy Rebuild Will Help You:

Lose that stubborn body fat.

Gain the muscle mass you want.

Increase your strength.

Improve your confidence in the gym.

With this training program, you get access to:



28 pages of information including your training program, nutritional recommendations & guidelines, a dynamic warm-up, a daily movement routine, coaching notes, and other helpful information.

Custom Exercise Videos

62 custom exercise videos. Just click on the links within the training program and see exactly how to execute each exercise safely and effectively.


Properly execute every exercise with our coaching notes and cues. Safely perform the exercises and preserve your joint health. Feel confident in the process!


To our private Facebook group community. Join others just like yourself who are taking charge of their health! Ask questions and be held accountable by your peers. Be a part of a healthy community!

Get it now while it’s on sale!

Since this is the first time we have released our Hypertrophy Rebuild training program to the general public, we are pricing it half-off for a limited time only. 

We are only listing the program 50% off so can get feedback from the general public. We will be re-launching the revised program at full-price ($120+ value).

ONLY $60

This is a $120+ value program and will not be on the market for long. Get it now before we take it down.



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