Gain More Muscle Mass Than You Ever Thought Was Imaginable in Just 12 Weeks!

…also lose that stubburn belly fat and become stronger & more confident in the gym!

Drs. Ryan & Jen Hosler

We’ve spent more than 7 years as health, fitness, and lifestyle coaches, training our clients to live stronger, healthier, and more resilient lives.

We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We’ve also learned what types of training are more enjoyable than others.

And now it’s time for us to share this all with you…

Our passion is to provide education and training programs to our clients that are life-changing. And with these programs, it’s our goal to give you ALL the tools you need to master your own health.

We don’t want you to rely on us for a lifetime…

Our goal is to teach you how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle on your own; to learn how to master the basics of strength training so you don’t always have to pay for expensive programming or coaching.

We want to show you how to achieve the results you have always been looking for. And how to maintain them…

What’s Inside Hypertrophy Rebuild?



28 pages of information including your daily training program, nutritional recommendations, and other helpful information.


Properly execute every exercise with our coaching cues. Safely perform the exercises and feel confident in the process!

Custom Exercise Videos

62 custom exercise videos for proper execution of each exercise. Stay safe & improve your exercise technique!


Our daily movement routine to maintain and gain joint ranges of motion. Preserve your joint health & longevity.


A complete warm-up to prep your body for each day’s training session. Mitigate injury with a proper full-body warm-up routine!


Join others just like yourself who are taking charge of their health! Ask questions and be held accountable by your peers!

Is Hypertrophy Rebuild For You?

Do you want to lose that stubborn belly fat you’ve been TRYING to get rid of for months or years?

Do you want to gain muscle mass and actually SEE the muscle in your arms, legs, and abdomen?

Do you want to feel strong and finally become CONFIDENT in a gym setting?

Guess what?

You can have all of this with Hypertrophy Rebuild!

Over the past 7+ years, we’ve been training clients and getting these EXACT results.

We’ve done this through this exact training style. This program has been tested over and over again on our clients, family and friends, and even ourselves. We would never recommend a program we have not completed ourselves.

For the first time, this program is now available to you!

1-on-1 functional training with us costs $150 per session. This training program covers everything you need PLUS so much more than we could ever provide in a single session…

TOTAL VALUE = $5,400

…this is what it would cost you to go through this program with us 1-on-1.

However, we wanted to make this program so affordable that everyone can¬†achieve these goals on their own… for just $67.

…and get LIFETIME access to the training program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a recurring payment?

No, this is a ONE-TIME payment for LIFETIME access to the training program. You CAN’T beat this price.

When does the program start and stop?

There is no start or stop. You purchase the program and receive LIFETIME ACCESS. You can start and/or stop the program whenever you’d like.

What if I’m currently injured?

The exercises within the training program are joint-friendly exercises and most can be modified to your individual needs. If you purchase the program and there are certain exercises you simply can’t perform because of your current injury, then reach out to us for specific modifications.

What if I’m NOT very mobile?

Perfect! This program will help improve your overall mobility through various exercises, stretches, and movements. There’s no better time to start working on your mobility than NOW!

What if I already strength train?

That’s AWESOME! However, you may not be maximizing your potential. Our program follows scientifically proven strength & conditioning principles to maximize your strength and hypertrophy gains, as well as improve your overall mobility.

I usually start programs and then don’t finish them… Will I be likely to finish this one?

That’s what our Facebook group is for: ACCOUNTABILITY! You’ll have access to both of us as well as other members who are committed and also going through the program.

We’re So Excited For Your To Start Our Program!

There will be a full community involved to help support you and you with accountability. Plus, we’ll be fully involved within the group as well.

We’re truly dedicated to helping you achieve the results and goals you want…

If you have any questions or concerns at anytime, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you.

We look forward to working with you!


Drs. Ryan & Jen Hosler

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