“Once you have enough range of motion and you can control it well, focus on building strength, capacity, and skill. Don’t just focus on being more mobile.” -Dr. Ryan DeBell

Couldn’t have said this better ourselves!

Having normal joint range of motion is definitely necessary for joint health and longevity. So is having control over that range of motion.

But if everything is “normal,” then what?!

That depends on your goal. If you want to be the most mobile human on the planet, then train for more mobility. However, that’s not everyone’s goal. And that’s 100% fine! That’s certainly not our goal either.

Health is about way more than just mobility.

It’s important to eat healthy to maintain our health. It’s important to be strong. It’s important to be in great cardiovascular shape. It’s important to have great bone density. It’s important to get enough sleep and to manage our stress.

Mobility is only a part of our overall health. Don’t forget about all of the other aspects of health.


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