Hip internal rotation is a very important range of motion. It’s important for things like squatting. Not to mention overall joint health! Did you know that hip internal rotation is usually the first range of motion lost at the hip and may indicate the need for a future hip replacement?

Unfortunately, having a lack of this range of motion is very common. This 90-90 stretch is one of our favorite stretches to improve hip internal rotation.


Get into the 90-90 position and allow your back leg to sink towards the ground into internal rotation. Rotate your torso over that back leg and hang out here passively for about 2 minutes. After this, start pushing your back leg into the ground as hard as you can for about 20 seconds. Next, try to pull your back leg’s foot off of the ground by initiating internal rotation at the hip. Do this as hard as you can for about 20 seconds. It may not move, and that’s totally fine, just keep fighting for more range of motion to build strength at that end range of motion. Repeat this cycle 1-2 more times.

Enjoy any muscle cramps you may get along the way. They’ll go away with more practice and increased strength!


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