Training hip abduction is often overlooked. Shoot, too many people neglect the frontal plane altogether. Here’s a great exercise to work on strengthening your hip abductors near their end ranges of motion.

This exercise will not only strengthen your hip abductors, but will also help stabilize your pelvis, lower back, and hip joint. You’d be surprised at how many hip and lower back problems go away with a simple hip abduction exercise like this.

Are we saying this is the exercise you need? No. But if this exercise is hard for you and your muscles cramp immediately, it can’t hurt to strengthen those muscles! If the exercise is painful, stop.

The Exercise

achieve the rock-back position with one leg straight out to the side. Try internally rotating the straight leg’s hip as much as possible. From this position, find a good position for your hands to be placed to really challenge yourself to lift the straight leg off of the ground ~1-2 inches. Try maintaining your natural lower back curvature throughout, and hold each repetition maximally for ~3 seconds.

Enjoy the cramping!

As always, if you have pain, get a thorough assessment by a medical professional!


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