Group Mobility Class


Every Thursday At 5:45PM — First Class Is FREE

Our group mobility class is designed to improve your movement and mobility through developing maximal body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion.

We utilize scientific principles within our mobility class to improve joint health, body control and awareness, and physical longevity. This systematic approach helps reduce chances of injury. Unlike most mobility classes, yoga classes, or stretch classes, our group mobility class is instructed by medical providers who are also trained in strength & conditioning. We have a very thorough understanding of human movement and mobility and have strategically created this class to improve our clients’ quality of life.

Mobility training helps you do everything better and easier. It opens up new ranges of motion for your joints, while simultaneously teaching your body how to use and control those new ranges.

Mobility training is not an alternative to exercising and strength training. Rather, it’s a supplement to your current exercise and training regimen. This group mobility class will improve your exercise technique, as well as allow you to achieve better positioning with your exercises. It will also improve other aspects of your life, such as your golf game, running technique, or yoga practice. If you simply want to have improved joint mobility to get on and off the ground to play with your kids or grandchildren, this class will help you achieve that goal as well.

What Should I Expect?

Our group mobility class will teach you how to:

  • Properly breathe via your diaphragm and create optimal core stability
  • Improve your body control and awareness (joint proprioception)
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Control your newly gained ranges of motion
  • Reduce your chances of injury or re-injury
  • Reduce pain, soreness, and muscular tension
  • Make your joints healthier
  • Literally do ANYTHING better.

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You Need Mobility Training If…

  • You have aches and pains that just aren’t getting any better
  • Your flexibility isn’t improving no matter how much you stretch
  • You always feel “tight” or “tense”
  • You have muscles that feel “weak”
  • You have muscles that you feel like you just can’t “activate”
  • You want to do the things you love BETTER.

Mobility training is not yoga or Pilates. While those are great practices, they aren’t centered around improving overall joint mobility and joint health like this group mobility class is. We will focus on optimizing and improving nearly every range of motion for every joint in your body with this class.

If you’re not sure if this group mobility class is for you, that’s totally fine… This is the reason we offer the first class for all of our participants for FREE.

Come out to our location on Thursday at 5:45PM to take care your your joints and improve your mobility.

3420 W Main St, Tampa, FL 33607

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