Physical Therapy & Functional Rehab

We approach physical therapy and functional rehab differently...

Instead of focusing on pain relief through modalities (ultrasound, cold laser, heat packs, ice packs, etc.), we focus on improving your joint health and overall mobility through strategic joint mobility training and functional strength training.

Mobility training and functional strength training are the missing pieces to finally overcoming your complaints and living your best life. These are also the things that everyone needs to age well and prevent joint aches & pains later in life.

Mobility training & functional strength training will help you:

  • Improve your joint flexibility & overall movement.
  • Improve your joint health.
  • Improve your body control & proprioception.
  • Rehab you from an injury (past or current).
  • Mitigate future re-injury.
  • Increase your movement capacity.
  • Improve your physical & athletic performance.
  • Decrease your joint stiffness.
  • Eliminate your muscle tightness.

Why do you need to focus on mobility training & functional strength training?

Because traditional physical rehab only focuses on symptom management.

Don’t get us wrong, chiropractic adjustments, massages, dry needling, acupuncture, cupping, manual therapies, lasers, ice/heat packs, etc. definitely help with pain relief, but they don’t fix the underlying cause of your complaints.

The underlying cause of your complaint is your poor movement & joint mobility.

To improve your movement & joint mobility, you need a movement solution (mobility training).

The techniques listed above (adjustments, massages, etc.) aren’t movement solutions – they’re techniques used to manage your symptoms. These techniques should help decrease your pain just enough to start mobility training & strength training as quickly as possible.

Through improving your joint mobility and joint health, we’re improving your movement quality. Improved movement quality allows you to do anything in life better, with more ease, and without pain.