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At Movement Upgraded, we help active adults and athletes who are passionate about their health, get back to the sports and activities they love without pain medication, unnecessary surgery, or wasted trips to their primary care doctor.

Unlike most healthcare offices where you’re in and out the door within minutes, we take our time to talk to you and learn about your complaints and lifestyle, analyze your overall movement and mobility, and uncover the root causes of the problems that are affecting your lifestyle.

Once we uncover the root causes of your complaints, we’ll then come up with a movement-based corrective exercise and functional rehab plan that aligns with your goals and current physical abilities. We only use the most effective therapeutic treatments and rehab techniques at Movement Upgraded and we don’t solely focus on pain elimination. Rather, we focus on treating and eliminating your pain while simultaneously improving how your body moves and functions. This approach is how we reduce the chances of our patients getting re-injured following a course of treatment with us.

As active adults ourselves, we understand that our patients want fast pain relief, personal attention, and the ability to keep doing what they love. And this is the exact reason we created Movement Upgraded. We’re here for you and ready to get you back to the active lifestyle you love, FAST.

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We’ve developed a functional rehab approach that maximizes your body’s ability to heal. This functional rehab approach, combined with corrective exercise, joint mobility training, joint manipulation/mobilization and other soft-tissue techniques, is how we help our patients overcome their complaints fast. And it’s this approach that has helped hundreds of our patients stay as active as possible and avoid unnecessary surgery and pain medication.

Did you know that most pain is caused by poor movement?

  • Maybe you’ve heard that, “Pain is a part of growing old.”
  • Maybe you have an old injury or joint problem.
  • Maybe you have low back pain.
  • Maybe you’ve been told you will need a knee replacement. Or that your spine will need to be fused.
  • Maybe you’ve been told that you have bad arthritis. Or that your joints will soon be “bone on bone.”

All of these problems are caused in part by poor movement. Therefore, the solution for pain-relief and performance enhancement is to prioritize better movement quality.

It’s this approach that sets us apart from other physical therapists and chiropractors. A movement problem needs a movement-based solution.

You see, dry needling, acupuncture, massage, cupping, e-stim, and ultrasound don’t improve your movement. They just help you manage your pain and symptoms…

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And we don’t want to just manage your symptoms. We want to actually fix your problems.

This is done through improving your movement quality. And to help you improve your movement quality, we first need to identify your movement baseline, which is done through our detailed movement and mobility assessment.

This movement and mobility assessment will provide you with insight on limitations you didn’t even know you had. It’ll provide you with a movement baseline that includes data on your mobility, stability, and asymmetries. Once we’ve established the movement baseline, we then determine how to help you improve your movement quality by creating a plan individualized to your needs and goals.

We’re firm believers in improving your movement limitations in parallel with your exercise and training goals. We’ll never tell you to quit doing what you love!

We’ll provide you with exercises, stretches, and movements that you can easily incorporate into or alongside your current exercise and training regimen. This means going beyond traditional stretching and strengthening exercises.

Do Anything You Love, Better!

We’re not like other healthcare providers. Unfortunately, most healthcare providers only treat your pain or injury. Worse yet, most of these providers only treat and rehab you back to your pre-injured or pre-painful state.

So what does that mean for returning to your previous activity?

Often times, your pain comes back, you get injured again, or you’re unable to fully participate at the same level.

We’re not here to scare you, this is just the harsh reality of how our current “healthcare” system works… But we’re different!

We’re here to rehab you fully, improve your overall resiliency, AND improve your movement and mobility to help mitigate your chances of re-injury. 

We can literally help you do anything that you love better! Having better functioning joints, improved movement, better mobility, and more strength helps in every aspect of your life, including the sports and activities you love.

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There’s no need to suffer any longer! Schedule a free consultation to see if we’re a great fit to help you overcome your complaints and get you back to living the active lifestyle you love.

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