What’s functional about any movement if you don’t have properly functioning joints?

Sure, the Turkish Get-Up is a very functional exercise. But if you don’t have adequate (insert joint here) functional mobility, it may not end well.

This is true for every “functional” exercise.

Think about the overhead squat. If you don’t have adequate ankle dorsiflexion, something else in the kinetic chain will have to make up for it and compensate. And over time, that may lead to pain or injury.

At Movement Upgraded, we’re all for training “functional” exercises.

But an exercise isn’t functional if your joints aren’t functioning properly in the first place. It’s a fact.

Make the joints work nice first or find a regression of the exercise you’re attempting to train. Save your body and your clients’ bodies. Decrease the chance of injuring yourself and your clients.

If you don’t know where to start with movement screening and assessment, or you have questions on exercise regressions, contact us.


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