Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from a physician?

No. You don’t need a doctor’s referral or prescription to work with us.

Do you accept my insurance?

We do not contract with insurance companies. This means we do not directly bill your insurance company. Instead, you pay us directly each visit for your 1-on-1 personalized session. This allows us to focus all of our attention on you and perform treatments that focus on your goals, without being dictated by your insurance company.

Will my insurance company reimburse me?

If you’re looking for reimbursement, we recommend that you reach out to your insurance company to see if they reimburse for out-of-network physical therapy or out-of-network chiropractic care.

Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?


What are your fees?

Our fees are straightforward. Simply pay at the time of service and expect no surprise bills or fees. All sessions are 1-on-1 with the performance therapist of your choice.

Initial assessment: $300 for 1 hour

Follow-up sessions: $200 for 1 hour

Most patients only require 1 visit per week.

Do you accept walk-in appointments?
No. Since we see all of our patients 1-on-1, all visits are by appointment only.
What should I wear to my appointments?

Wear clothing and footwear that is comfortable and allows you to move freely while exercising.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you provide us with 24 hours notice for cancelling or rescheduling your appointment, you will not be charged.

Please understand that all cancellations made within 24 hours will result in the cost of your appointment or the loss of an appointment from your treatment package. This policy allows us enough time to schedule other patients and help them get the treatment they need.

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