Focus more on mobility work and less on rolling out and smashing “work.”

It’s time to start focusing more on what’s going to create long-term changes.

Rolling out on a foam roller and smashing your tissues feels good. And it increases your range of motion. But there’s a reason you’ve been rolling out those hamstrings and calves for months/years now. There’s a reason you always have to smash the back of your shoulders with a lacrosse ball.

Rolling on a foam roller and smashing your tissues with a lacrosse ball results in TEMPORARY increases in ranges of motion.

And temporarily, it relieves pain/tension/achiness. There’s a time and place for everything (well, almost everything.)

Want long-term results so you don’t always have to waste 15-20 minutes rolling out your entire body?

1. Get ASSESSED. Make sure you’re spending time on the right areas.

2. Get SPECIFIC mobility WORK that will actually create long-term changes.

3. MAINTAIN your new ranges through specific movements so you don’t always have to do mobility work.

Are you ready to stop wasting your precious time rolling out and smashing every day?

Contact us or schedule your assessment online today!


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