What are you currently doing to improve your flexibility?

Banded mobilizations? Smashing your tissues with a lacrosse ball? Foam rolling? Voodoo flossing? Stretching for 15-30 seconds?

Are these techniques actually improving your flexibility?

Be honest with yourself!

Do you find that these techniques make you more flexible in the short-term, but you end up back at square one the next day (or even a few hours later)?

This is because our nervous system is easily fooled. All of these above mentioned techniques are “neurological tricks.” There’s a time and place for them, but if your ultimate goal is to improve flexibility, they’re not your best options.

To become flexible, you have to put in the time (and work).

No one ever got flexible by simply rolling on a foam roller. Or holding random 15-30 seconds stretches. Have you ever seen how long a gymnast or dancer holds the splits? And how often they train the splits? It’s more then 15-30 seconds and definitely more than once per week.

Train flexibility/mobility the same as strength training. Put in the time and work. And remember, true adaptation takes time.


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