“Fear of movement is a symtom of chronic pain.” -Dr. Joe Gambino

Are you afraid of doing a certain movement or exercise?

If so, why? Does it hurt to do it? Did you hurt yourself the last time you did it so now you avoid it? Or is it something else?

Did you know that in the medical community, the term chronic means a condition lasting 3+ months?

Yet, most of the time our tissues heal faster than 3 months. (Unless you had a more significant injury.)

If you have been experiencing pain for greater than 3 months, it may be due to a multitude of things. Maybe you continue to aggravate your tissues causing your nervous system to be sensitive. Or maybe there was never actually any tissue damage, but rather a psychological belief that is now causing your pain.

A psychological belief does not mean that the “pain is in your head.”

It is not saying that your pain is not real. Because it is.

Pain is your brain’s perception of threat OR perceived damage.

However, even if there is no real threat or tissue damage, you can still have pain. Pain is a protective alarm asking your body for change.

Pain is very very complex.

Yet, sometimes movement is all you need to get rid of your pain. So stop avoiding and fearing it.

Start slightly elevating your heart rate. Start reintroducing pain-free movement and exercise that you enjoy. Sometimes you just need to change things up to give your body/brain a different stimulus.

You will get back to whatever you are currently afraid of doing.

Our bodies and brains are too badass not to.

And if you cannot do it on your own, find a healthcare practitioner who will help you get back to it.


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