Some coaches argue that core training isn’t necessary.

Their reasoning is often because heavy squats, deadlifts, and other compound lifts challenge the core enough.

While these lifts definitely utilize the core and impose great demands on the musculature, we couldn’t disagree more.

Core training is essential for spinal health, injury prevention, and overall athleticism.

So what type of core training?!

We’re not talking about crunches, sit-ups, supermans, Russian twists, or other dynamic types of core training.

Rather, static, isometric core training that targets the actual role of the core: STABILIZATION.

Such exercises include planks, side planks, stir-the-pots, bird dogs, pallof presses, unilateral carries, and chops/lifts, to name a few.

Choose isometric exercises that challenge the core in more than just the sagittal plane (such as the plank). Also challenge the frontal plane with the side plank and the transverse plane with the bird dog.

These isometric exercises are amazing at increasing your core strength and overall core stiffness if done properly. They are also very safe to perform as they impose minimal load on the spine. What more could you ask for?!


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