There are so many ways to challenge your core strength other than sit-ups!

Sit-ups aren’t necessarily good or bad, but they may not be right for you.

Dr. Jen had a patient the other day who had lower back pain for going on a year. This patient was doing a combination of yoga and an “hour long ab class” 4-5 days per week.

Dr. Jen educated this patient on the types of ab exercises and yoga poses she was doing and how they may be causing/contributing to her lower back pain.

Dr. Jen then instructed her to perform other exercises for her abs/core if she wanted to continue strengthening them – exercises that challenge the core in it’s true stability role. Exercises that didn’t move her spine into flexion.

This patient then went on vacation for 7 days and did Dr. Jen’s exercises (as well as stopped all the yoga and ab classes since she was out of town). And guess what?! Her lower back pain was gone when she came home from vacation!

Now we’re not saying that sit-ups are bad. Or that yoga is bad. Or that spinal flexion is bad.

There’s a time and place for it all. But, this lady was literally causing and keeping her back pain by doing things she thought were helpful.

Do you have lower back pain?

Find out what your pain triggers are. Eliminate them (temporarily). Desensitize and strengthen your body. Then, reintroduce the movements again in a pain-free manner.

And there ya have it, we just put ourselves out of business.


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