Toes & Feet

Toes & Feet

How often do you go barefoot? Are you able to move your toes around individually on command?

As humans who walk around on our feet all day, our feet and toes are kind of important. They need to be able to function well. With both motor control AND sensory input.

Our feet are what connect us to the ground.

They get first dibs on what the rest of our body does after they touch the ground. If we’re always wearing shoes (AKA sensory deprivation chambers), our feet are missing out on SO MUCH feedback and sensory input from the ground. And if we’re always in shoes with arch supports, why do we even need foot muscles?

Well guess what?

We do need our foot muscles. And we also need good sensory input from our feet. The feet and toes relay to our brain what the ankles, knees, hips, spine, and rest of our body needs to do. So don’t neglect your feet. Take care of them!

A simple way to take care of your feet?

Go barefoot as much as possible! Wear minimalist shoes without arches and elevated heels. Make your feet muscles work! Try moving your toes around individually. Work on splaying your toes.

You don’t neglect other muscles in your body. Why should you neglect your feet muscles?


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